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In Praise of February Beauty

Hi, and welcome to Wild Rose Landscape Design of Connecticut. It is February already, chilly and bright! January is gone for another year, and we are one month closer to spring. As if to confirm this, my backyard was full of thousands of blackbirds this morning! They carpeted the ground, turning over leaves to search for food, and squeaked and “grakked” in the treetops. It's an annual event in this neighborhood, and It reminded me of this poem, which I wrote years ago:

As I came home this February day

I heard a raucous sound.

The bare trees were all full of birds

above the snowy ground.

Blackbirds, Starlings, Red Wings - Red Wings!

Home to their nesting sites for spring -

Filling my back yard with their sounds;

The tall oaks swayed with feathered crowns.

The neighborhood was frozen still in winter’s gray despair,

But the sound of a thousand cheeky squawkers filled the air.

Old squeaky gates, old rusty springs -

The way the early red wing sings.

And though they could use a voice lesson or two

Their music makes me smile -

It’s been a long, tough winter

And I’ve needed hope for quite a while.

And though spring isn’t here quite yet,

Upon returning home today

My trees were all aleaf with birds

So spring can’t be too away.

- Not that February need be a wash in the landscape! There are beautiful aspects of nature to be explored and appreciated in winter - the graceful structure of a bare Japanese maple, the red or gold twigs of shrub dogwood, shaped boxwoods glittering with frost, a cap of snow on last year’s hydrangea blooms. Winter is long in these parts, so your home gardens should contain winter beauty as well. Wild Rose Landscape Design can help you with a landscape design that is all-year-round beautiful.

Wild Rose helps you indulge yourself in the riches of the world of gardens, nature, sun and shadow. Wild Rose gets you outside, enjoying your property. Now is the time to contact Wild Rose for a landscape design, so that you’ll be ready for spring planting. Here’s to a February full of warmth, love and beauty. Hope to hear from you soon!

Candace (Candy) Kearney

860 414-4384



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