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For All You Wild Women (and Men)

Now that it’s spring, do you feel like this?

Awake! The robins and redwings have returned. Shy crocuses and bold daffodils are lifting their heads to the sun, as winter and spring slug it out to see who will win today.

It’s hard to be a wild woman in winter. Sure, you can do it – you can bundle up and walk in the winter woods, looking for color, birds and animal tracks, reveling in the cold stinging your nose. But nothing speaks to the archetypal earth goddess in a woman, nothing stirs the deep, instinctive connection to the earth than to join in the celebration of earth as it wakes up for the growing season.

As I rove out on these warmish days to revel in the blue, crisp April air, I see wild women and wild men all around the neighborhood, out in shirtsleeves, raking up the flotsam and jetsam of winter, sweeping off walks, preparing a place for the goddess of spring, hoping that she will smile upon them and find their yard worthy.

I returned home and joyfully marked out an area for a new planting bed. This area has become too shady for grass to grow well, so I will design a place to honor the hardy shade plants who thrive under spreading, leafy boughs.

The world is quivering on the very edge of spring and we have it all to look forward to!

BTW, do you have a landscaping project in mind for this spring? It’s time to get your design done. Wild Rose Landscape Design of Central CT will be happy to design your dream yard with a to-scale and labeled CAD drawing, as well as a quote for installation.

Wild Rose Landscape Design

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